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  2023 Golfer's Club @ T&C  
Season Schedule
   Player of the Year Standings
   G C Cup Standings    

Annual Club Road Trip

Thornberry Creek in Green Bay

-Sunday Sept. 10, 2023 - 9:00 am Tee Times - $68 


5 Iron - Putter

- Wednesday September 27, 2023 @ 3:00 pm

Season Ending Scramble

- Saturday September 30, 2023 @ 10:00 am


GC Cup

- Sunday October 8, 2023 @ 10:00 am

Play your Singles and Doubles Matches

Any 3 Club

Wed. April 26th

3:00 pm Tee Times

Mexican Best Ball

Sun. May 7th 

9:00 am Shot Gun

Red Tee Challenge

Sun. June 4th

9:30 am Shotgun

Triple Threat Scramble

Sat. June 17th

8:30 am Shotgun

Chicago Stableford

Sun. July 16th

8:30 am Shotgun

Club Championship

Sat. July 29th / Sun. July 30th  

8:00 am Tee Times

61st Spanferkel

Sun. August 27th

10:00 am Shotgun Start 

Road Trip

Sun. Sept. 10th  or 17th 

Location TBD

Morning Tee Times

5 Iron / Putter

Wed. September 27th

3:00 pm Tee Times

Season End Scramble

Sat. September 30th 

10:00 am Shotgun

G C Cup Championship

Sun. October 8th 

10:00 am Shotgun

Fred-Mont Cup

Sat. May 14th

8:00 am & 1:00 pm Tee Times

Match Play

Round of 16

Must be completed by Sat. June 24th 

T&C Cup Day 1

Sat. July 1st

7:00 am & 1:30 am Tee Times

T&C Cup Day 2

Sun. July 9th 

7:00 am & 1:30 pm Tee Times

Match Play 

Quarterfinal Round

Must be Played by Sat. July 22nd  

T&C Cup Day 3

Sat. July 23rd 

7:00 am & 1:30 pm Tee Times

T&C Cup Finals

Sun. August 6th 

2:00 pm Tee Times

Jr. Spanferkel

Wed. August 2nd

9:00 am Tee Times

Match Play

Semi-final Round

Must be Played by Sat. August 19th

Match Play

Final Round

Must be Played by Sat. September 16th

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