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Hole #1     Par 4     355yds     303yds     295yds


The Riverwoods course starts with a good Par 4.  Accuracy is key off the tee as a river runs through the fairway and  trees line both sides of the fairway.  You should be left with a mid to short iron approach shot into this large green, which is very susceptible to three putts.  



Hole #2     Par 4     333yds     282yds     222yds


This dogleg right Par 4 is short on distance, but not on difficulty.  Your tee ball must be straight and long to carry the river and reach the corner of the dogleg, which is protected on the right side by trees.  You should be left with a short iron approach to a wide green guarded short right by a bunker.




Hole #3     Par 5     523yds     491yds     434yds


This straight forward Par 5 will require three good shots to get to the green.  Long hitters can possibly get there in two; however it will take two solid shots.  This deep green is also susceptible to three putts and is protected on the right side by a bunker.




Hole #4     Par 4     346yds     337yds     329yds


This dogleg left Par 4 is a great hole to get a birdie on the card.  Be careful to not hit your drive through the fairway.  This will leave you with a short iron into this generous sized green protected by a bunker short left.




Hole #5     Par 4     299yds     291yds     283yds


This dogleg right Par 4 will require an accurate tee shot as trees loom left and through the fairway and trees and fescue to the right.  A risky play is to try and cut the corner and drive the green.  A well placed tee shot should leave you with a wedge into this green protected by a bunker right.  This is a great hole to make birdie!




Hole #6     Par 3     173yds     159yds     136yds


This intimidating Par 3 will be a good test on the nerves as the pond in front of the green will catch any ball short.  Be sure to play enough club to not only clear the pond, but also the bank leading up to the green which slopes from back to front.




Hole #7     Par 5/4     486yds     348yds    344yds


This hole will play as a Par 5 from the blue tees and a Par 4 from the white and red tees.  As a Par 5 you have two options.  Option 1, play an iron off the tee to the corner of this dogleg left hole staying short of the river.  Option 2, cut the corner with a driver over the top of the trees.  This is very risky, but a successful shot could lead to hitting this green in two.  As a Par 4, this hole plays straight away.  Accuracy is key off the tee as the river runs in front of you and trees protect both sides of the fairway.  The second shot will play uphill to very large and deep green.




Hole #8     Par 4    402yds     287yds     279yds


This Par 4 is the most challenging on the Riverwoods course.  An accurate tee shot is a must to stay short of the river and fit your ball between the trees.  Short tee shots will be left with a tough downhill second shot.  Those that choose to gamble and get closer to the river will be rewarded with a much flatter 2nd shot. You will be left with a long approach shot to an open green.  Par here is an excellent score.




Hole #9    Par 3     156yds     151yds     145yds


This uphill Par 3 plays much longer than the distance shows.  Be sure to play at least one, maybe 2 extra clubs to reach this green.  This green is deeper than it appears from the tee, so there is plenty of room to land your shot on the green.



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